Mindful Cooking

Transform your relationship with food in 60 days

8 Live Weekly Calls

April 2nd - May 21st

8 Live Weekly Calls

April 2nd - May. 21st

If you're looking for a new relationship with cooking and food that is fun and exciting and gives you long-term healthy lifestyle shifts, then this may be your most important invitation of the year...

On April 2nd, 2024, we begin a life-changing 8-week online immersion with master chef and Author Evan Rilling that could permanently transform your cooking game!

Imagine how your life will be different, in just 60 days, when you:

  • Start sharing delicious meals with your friends and family
  • Put an end to your struggles and confusion in the kitchen and start having fun cooking...
  • Improve your relationship with food so you can feel energized and happy...
  • Transform cooking into a creative loving expression rather than a daily chore.
  • Create an optimal cooking environment you love spending time in
  • Inspire your friends and children to love cooking so they can make delicious meals for you:)

What if your experience of cooking was fun, simple, and part of a healthy life style

The reason why most people struggle in the kitchen is they don't know the proper steps, have a bad setup, are too much in their heads, and are approaching cooking backward.

In this 8-week program, you will learn to trust your intuition in the kitchen, tap into your inner creativity, Source the most delicious nourishing ingredients, and uplevel your cooking skills so you can save time and have more fun.

Minde full cooking is Good for you, Good for your community, and Good for the earth.

"...The course was absolutly Phenomenal."

"I went from feeling very stressed and high anxiety about food, about food prep, about sourcing ingredients, and growing ingredients to spaces of peace and relaxation."

Lauren Paul

The 5 Pillars Of Mindeful Cooking

Evan Rilling, author, and founder, has uncovered the fundamental areas to focus on to transform your relationship with food.

The Mindful Cooking program focuses on these 5 pillars in this specific order to optimize your learning experience



Learning to source the most vibrant, nutritious, and delicious ingredients is a key element to creating amazing meals and reaching optimal health. If we are buying ingredients that are grown out of season in depleted soil, with GMO seeds, with chemical fertilizers, and or chemical pesticides, it doesn’t really matter what ingredients we are cooking with it is going to be very hard to create delicious healthy meals. Understanding what makes a great ingredient and knowing how to source them is an essential pillar of being a mindful chef.


By learning to trust your intuition you will start to naturally enter a flow state in the kitchen. It will become easy to trust yourself, know what ingredients to use, and what techniques to apply, so you can have more fun creating delicious meals!


Does cooking sometimes feel like a robotic chore for you? By learning to cook from your heart and tapping into your creative genius, cooking becomes an artistic expression of love and service. This builds community and turns cooking into an opportunity to create art with the beauty and bounty of mother earth.


Techniques are a key foundation for empowering yourself in the kitchen. By learning to apply simple techniques you will save a massive amount of time and greatly expand the possibilities of how you work with ingredients to create delicious recipes.


Recipes are an amazing way of passing on traditions. As a chef, I have found that by starting with ingredients that are in season and easy to source paired with allowing the space to improvise working with recipes becomes fun and easy. You will learn how to source recipes and acquire the skills and abilities to create your own!

Cooking Delicious Meals is Simple & Natural ... we've just been mislead

In our natural state, finding food, creating meals, and eating healthy is simple.

Indigenous people all around the world know how to gather the most nutritious food directly from nature and create meals that nourish their community.

Their diets and cooking techniques are often simple and nature provides them with food that nourishes their body.

They naturally eat with the seasons and have a beautiful way of being in exchange and gratitude with their food.

The industrialized food industry, fad diet trends, and massive marketing campaigns have created a setup that leaves most people very confused and frustrated when trying to create delicious meals to nourish themselves and their families

If you are tired of this System and are ready for change you are in the right place.

From the beginning of time, cooking started with finding the best ingredients available. With those ingredients people started experimenting with applying different techniques (chopping, grinding, applying heat, etc.) and combining different ingredients together. After a while, they began to form recipes, which are a mixture of ingredients with the application of specific techniques.

From the Industrial Revolution up to present time Many home chefs mixed up the cooking process and began cooking by focusing on recipes, often recipes with ingredients that are not in season, not grown locally, and hard to find. This has led to cooking becoming a very complicated process with little chance of creating a delicious and nourishing meal.


Let's get back to basics, learn our local ingredients, start trusting our intuition and make cooking a creative expression of love.

It's time to come back to your TRUE NATURE, empower yourself, and start cooking nutritious delicious meals for your friends and family.

"...I am down 20 lb since the class."

"All in all it was an amazing class. I am down 20 lb since the class and am really enjoying cooking"

April Jacobs

You’re not alone on this journey

...how I helped change a woman's life without even saying a word to her...

It was about 6 years ago and I was cooking for a silent retreat in Ojai California...

I grew up in Ojai so I am very connected to the land and people there and as a result, I know how to source the freshest, most vibrant, nutritious, and delicious ingredients.

I went on a harvesting mission for special herbs and sun-ripened seasonal fruit and bought fresh-picked produce from my favorite local organic farmers.

When I arrived on site I did some Native American prayers to ask my spirit helpers to assist me in the kitchen so I could best serve the participants of the retreat.

On this retreat, the guests were required to spend at least half an hour helping out in the kitchen as part of their service (otherwise known as Seva)

As each guest would enter the kitchen I would connect with them and read their mood. I could tell some of them were super excited and some of them had no interest and wanted to get out of the kitchen ASAP.

I did my best to give them fun engaging tasks that helped them connect with the food and enjoy their time in the kitchen..

On the last day of the retreat, the silence was broken. Yuweeee!!!

People were coming up to me asking for recipes and telling me how much they loved the food. This was quite common at retreats, but one woman shared something with me that shifted my whole life mission.

She was sharing about her experience in the kitchen and her eyes started to tear up.

She told me that before helping in the kitchen and eating the food on the retreat she dreaded cooking and eating and for years felt that food was her enemy

As the conversation went on she realized that FOOD was her FRIEND.

That realization changed her life.

From that day forward she started to enjoy her relationship with food and make home-cooked meals for her husband and friends...

As a result, she lost weight, felt more connected to her body, and had more energy.

Ever since then, I have been supporting individuals to transform their relationship with food and cooking and of course, to remember, FOOD IS YOUR FRIEND.

"...Working with Evan has changed and transformed me forever."

"It transformed my relationship with food, allowing me to connect with earth in a new way"

Christine Engelfried

How the 8 week Mindful Cooking Program was born...

After realizing that thousands of individuals across the world were struggling with creating delicious home-cooked meals, I started putting all the pieces together.

I became mindful that food is one of our prime connections to the earth and that taking care of the earth, cooking with love, and Nourishing ourselves, friends, and family are all interconnected.

In my experience, I have found it is normal for clients to have resistance when it comes to cooking and food. I learned how to help people free themself from old traumas and resistance from my study of processing work and diving deep into my own inner world. This course will support you to shift your relationship with food and cooking.

Making cooking and the kitchen a safe space for connection, creativity, and fun is a key ingredient to the learning process.

Over the years, I have continued to develop my skills in caring for the land, growing food, and of course, cooking amazing delicious meals.

Having cooked for many health-conscious diets helped me master several abilities and techniques as a chef.

In this course, I will be sharing over 20 years of knowledge with you. Most of all I dove deep into studying and practicing

efficient ways to help clients become mindful chefs and transform their relationship with food.

I am Evan Rilling and I have been fascinated with cooking, food, and the mind, body, and spirit connection since I was a little kid.

All of these experiences have prepared me to support you in becoming a mindful chef.

Evan Rilling, Trainer Credentials

  • Freelance chef for celebrity and high-profile clients
  • 12 years cooking for health-conscious retreat centers around the world
  • 10 years of studying Native American healing traditions
  • 6 years of practicing coaching and emotional processing
  • Author or Retreat cookbook, that's packed with 30 delicious and nutritious recipes
  • Founder of Ulu Food Forest

Reclaim Your Vitality and Natural State of Wellbeing

  • Start applying techniques that save you massive amounts of time in the kitchen
  • Put an end to your struggles in the kitchen and start loving and enjoying cooking
  • Start applying techniques that save you massive amounts of time in the kitchen
  • Create a Kitchen space that you are excited to create in

60 Days To Transform Your Relationship With Cooking

  • Mindful Cooking 8-Week Program

This 8-week live coaching program supports you in permanently transforming your relationship with food and cooking. You'll receive six months of access to our online library where you will find all the instructional PDFs, weekly recordings, bonus videos, plus other inspirational goodies all organized in one easy-to-access place.

  • Accountability Partner

Set your own goals and get teamed up with an accountability partner for weekly check-ins, support, and friendship.

  • Private Food Friends Facebook Group

Our private Facebook community is a safe and supportive container designed to Nurture your transformation and make the process as fun as possible!

  • Mindful Cooking Videos

Get started early with pre-recorded knife skills, kitchen setup, and ingredient-sourcing videos!

  • Facebook Messenger Support

Personal support on your journey via Facebook Messenger. We are here for you!

  • Bonus #1: Retreat Cookbook

Over 30 delicious & healthy recipes, help you find more joy, love, and creativity in the kitchen...

(Shipping included in value)

  • Bonus #2: Nutrition Video Class With Naturopathic Doctor

In this pre-recorded video, expert ND, Heather Rilling will be teaching you Nature’s simple laws of nutrition ...so you have a better understanding of how your body works and how to find what foods work best for you.

  • Bonus #3: Free 1 hour Coaching Session

Private coaching sessions are a key ingredient to making transformations that last a lifetime. Valid during the course time period.

Total Value: $2,496

Save today: $1,499

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Ulu Food Forest is growing food forests to regenerate the land and create sustainable businesses that support the local people and future generations.

The current agriculture and lumber industries are destroying forests

It is our responsibility to regenerate the land and co-create a thriving abundant planet for future generations.

5% of profits will be donated to ULU FOOD FOREST


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program work for me, even if I struggled learning to cook in the past?

Yes, this program and our approach to cooking are very different than other classes. We support you to develop a positive relationship with cooking and focus on your connection with Nature, your intuition, and your community.

How is this different from other online training and programs?

This is more than a program it is also a celebration of life and a safe space for your transformation.

Can I complete the program at my own pace?

Yes, you can complete the program at your own pace. All of the calls will be recorded and available in our online portal. We recommend that you do your best to stay on track with the rest of the group to get the best results.

When are the live weekly Zoom classes?

Our weekly Zoom call is scheduled for:

- Every Monday 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST

- That's Thursday 9 am Bali Time GMT+8

What if I can't start on the class start date?

It’s OK. You can log into the portal to access the video recordings from the classes that you miss. You can also introduce yourself and stay active in our online community.

What if I can’t show up to the live calls?

We highly encourage you to participate live as often as you can. We have found that being in the energy of the group really helps accelerate your transformation. If you are unable to attend, it's OK. You will have lifetime access to all of the weekly recordings in the portal.

How should I prepare for the program?

The best way to prepare for the program is to watch and implement the preliminary pdfs and videos!

How long does it take to see results?

This really depends on each student. Most students will experience positive shifts within the first 2 weeks of the program. In this course, we will be taking our focus off of immediate results and focusing more on having fun and making long-term shifts that will have a positive impact on the rest of your life.

We have found that with this approach students end up reaching their short-term goals with ease and grace.

What if I am afraid to try new foods?

This will be a safe space for you to explore new foods, we encourage you to do everything at your own pace, and nothing is mandatory. We will also guide you through processes to make it easier and more fun to try new foods.

What if I’m nervous to share in the group?

We all get nervous sometimes and that's totally okay. We value your input and experience and really want to get to know you. This will be a loving, supportive, and encouraging space. We will invite you to share and open up in the group and if you choose not to that is okay as well.

"my energy improved and my weight reduced!"

"Working with Evan was a dream. He paid attention to what I wanted to accomplish and step by step took me on the journey to achieving my goals: My cooking skills improved, my energy improved and my weight reduced!"

Sherry Hannigan

Ready to transform your cooking?

What You Get:

  • Transform Your Relationship With Food 8-Week Program
  • Accountability Partner
  • Mindful Cooking videos
  • Food Friends Private Facebook Group
  • Facebook Messenger Support
  • Bonus #1: Cookbook
  • Bonus #2: Nutrition Video Class With Naturopathic Doctor
  • Bonus #3: Free 30 Min Coaching Session

Total Value: $2,496

Save today: $2,812

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